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The Puppy Program

We brought “Boston”, our Labrador retriever puppy, home at 8 weeks and very quickly contacted Coral to assist in some training basics.  We had heard great things about her skill, technique and her philosophy – not only with puppies but with grown up dogs too.  They were all true!  Her puppy program helped get us on the right track early on.  She confidently demonstrated some important commands and shared her knowledge.  She made keen observations on how we could improve (in a kindly manner) and saw things that we were overlooking in the whole reinforcement cycle.   We looked forward to her visits (to help steer our training) and she clearly enjoyed our pet, sympathizing with the challenges yet always offering valuable tips in a positive way.  There was always a list of “what about….” we had compiled from one visit to the next and she tackled them all.  She also allowed us to ask questions beyond the “puppy class”, which was the customized approach we needed.


While we did do group puppy classes when the time was right, starting off with some individualized consults in our own home and environment (she accompanied us on walks in the neighborhood) was a plan that worked for us.  When we did take the puppy classes, it was clear that Coral had given us a strong foundation in puppy training. 


Even after raising 2 children and a smaller breed dog, it was obvious we had lots to learn when it came to raising a now 50 pound beast (and beauty).   While dog behaviours can sometimes seem “odd”, she was able to make sense of it all.  She played pet detective, figuring out why behaviours may be occurring or reoccurring.  While we still don’t have the perfect pet, we do have the perfect “go to” person as we continue to enjoy our newest family member. 


Boston is over a year now.  We have continued to seek out Coral’s expertise and guidance as Boston reaches different stages in her growing.  She is an amazing animal and many of the good habits and fun training commands Coral initiated have impressed us and others.  It is still a work in progress as apparently labs take a while to settle down.  However, we are so glad to have Coral lead us in our adventures with Boston.   


We are happy to recommend her services.  In addition to her love of dogs, we are grateful for her:

  • Enthusiastic, Personalized service

  • Reliable and flexible home visits

  • Abundance of meaningful (and some just plain fun) dog command instruction

  • Problem solving skills

  • Objective advice on resources and products

  • Allowing us how to enjoy our pet to the max!

















Clayton, Leanne, Ashton and Wade

June 2015

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