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The Quick Fix Program

We brought our 9-week old Golden Retriever home at the end of May. She is both loveable and lively. We called Coral in July because we needed a puppy trainer and our darling Marly Mae needed a people trainer!


Coral suggested the Quick-Fix Solutions Program to help us get on the right track, as dog – walking was our biggest challenge. This was a great fit for our situation because we had many basic training steps in place and really needed to specifically target and problem solve the on-leash walks.


Coral is a very good listener. She initially helped us to identify Marly’s strengths and areas for growth. By our second visit we had already made measureable improvements. Our puppy did not magically change. We learned to shift our thinking and after a few short weeks we were experiencing notable successes. Coral is patient and willing to offer encouragement throughout the process. Coral expects dog owners to build consistency and, in turn, she is also willing to put forth 100% effort to provide guidance along the way.


Coral is knowledgeable and clearly communicates. She enthusiastically shares her training techniques and theories, based on trust and respect. There is absolutely no doubt, the training experience is, at times, overwhelming. Coral’s expertise provided us with a practical strategies and her support is very reassuring. The training we received continues to help us to build a rewarding relationship with the newest member of our family.


We whole-heartedly recommend Coral as a talented dog / dog-owner trainer.















Joanne & T.J.

July 2015


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