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Training Programs

Each training program has a focus, but they are all customizable. This means that if your training needs don't fall into one of the training programs we can add, delete and alter any program to address your particular training objectives. 
All the Solutions and Puppy Programs are available in In-Home/In-Person Training as well as Remote Video Training formats
Just Me & Your Dog (Dog & Trainer) Program


This program is for families, or individuals, that just don't have the time to lay the necessary foundation for the behavior you want from your dog.


Watching a dog learn a new behavior and reach understanding is one of my favorite parts of training, but it's not for everyone and it can be slow and frustrating if you are a "destination" rather then a "journey" sort of person.


This training program lets you reap the benefits of a well-trained dog without the time consuming foundation training.


Click here for more information on the Dog & Trainer Program

Getting a puppy is very exciting, but it can be a stressful time as well. Puppies take a lot of work, time, and energy. Many well intentioned owners make a lot of mistakes in the first few weeks and months of their puppy's life.


It is an undisputed fact that the first four months are the most influential and important time frame in your puppy's life, and what you do, or don't do during this time will affect your puppy for the for rest of his life.


Commiting to the establishment of proper behaviour patterns and rules now, will save you time, money and frustration down the road.


Dont wait until you have a problem with your young dog before you get help. Be proactive, enroll in one of my puppy programs and start raising the "Best Dog Ever" right now.


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Solutions Programs


Dogs are always learning about their environment. Behaviour is dynamic, always changing-either getting stronger or weaker. Your dog's learning doesn't stop when you end your training session, which means that your dog is learning just as much in the other 23 1/2 hours of the day. Sure your dog will learn when you actively train him, but he will also learn when you are talking on the phone, watching tv, playing with the kids and working in the kitchen. He is even learning while at home alone.


Some of the most problematic behaviors that your dog learns happen when we are busy with life. No one sets out to teach their dog how to bark at the mailman, nip at the kids when they play, or jump on guests. Now is the time to do something about those naughty behaviours.


The solutions programs are flexible to allow complete individualized training plans. If you have just one or two problems, we can customize a training plan for that. If you have a bigger problem, like aggression, fear or seperation anxiety we can customize a training plan for that as well.


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Repeater Pack

Repeater Pack

You have completed your training program and everything has been great, but you realize you want to do more training with your dog.


The Repeater Pack makes that really easy. There is no need to purchase another full program. 

The Repeater Packs include three additional training sessions. Once you have completed your original training program you can use as many Repeater Packs for the same dog as you like. 

Contact me for more information and pricing on the Repeater Pack

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