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Dog training is not a regulated industry, therefor anyone can designate themselves as a "dog trainer". After many years and hundreds of hours working with dogs and their people I decided to set myself apart from many others in the field by investing in some formal education.  


In 2014 I enrolled in, and graduated from the Canine Animal Sciences Institute with my diploma in Canine Behaviour Science and Technology with a focus on aggression

Aggression in Dogs
Master Course

In 2021, to further my knowledge and skills in working aggression cases  I completed Michael Shikashio's Master Course Aggression in Dogs.

Puppy Lab

In 2021 I completed the Puppy Lab course with School of Canine Science. In addition to my interest in aggressive behaviour, I am also passionate about puppy development, and helping families navigate the often difficult first months of raising a pup.  


In 2021 I decided to write the certification exam for professional dog trainers. The certification council for professional dog trainers is the leading independent certifying organization for progressional dog trainers.

Family Dog Mediation

In 2021 I completed the L.E.G.S. Applied Ethology Family Mediation Professional Course. Family Dog Mediation is about finding solutions beyond dog training that facilitate better understanding about your dog and how he fits into your life.

Continuing Education

There is always more to learn, and taking courses, attending seminars and conferences is the way to stay up to date and educated on the many sciences connected to dog training, learning theory, and training techniques. 

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