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Do any of these statements sound familar to you? 
Have you said similar things to friends and family? 

"My last dog wasn't this hard to train"

"My dog is so bad on leash that I can't take him for walks anymore"

"Puppies are supposed to be sweet and cute and darling...

but my puppy is peeing all over my house and destroying my stuff"

"My dog jumps all over my guests"

"My dog is driving me crazy. I need some help"

 "My dog growls and I'm worried that he may hurt someone"

.....If so, then I can help.



Not all dogs have the same problems, nor do all owners have the same needs.


Which is why all the training programs at P.R.DOGz are custom made to each dog, owner, and your specific training needs.


P.R.DOGz offers three  program types,  and the one for you is dependent on three things:





  • The age of your dog

  • How involved  you want to be in the training process

  • Your budget

Regina DogTraining

If you have a puppy between 8-16 weeks of age, then one of the Puppy Programs are for you.

Regina Dog Training

For dogs older then 16 weeks of age. The Solutions Programs focus on resolving exsisting behavior problems.

Regina In-Home Private Dog Training

If training isn't your thing, but you still want a well trained dog, the Dog & Trainer Program is for you.

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