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The term self-control gets thrown around a lot with dogs, especially young dogs, but what does it really mean? Does it mean control your body? Control your emotions? Or does it mean think before you act? Actually self-control includes all three!  And it is much more complex than we expect.


Learning self-control is a process. Have you ever been told to “exercise some self-control”? As a child? More likely as a teenager? Maybe even now as an adult? Developing that control is very difficult, and at times seemingly impossible. 


Now think about what we expect from our dogs, especially our young dogs that have not yet reached mental , physical or emotional maturity. Or even our older dogs that have not been taught the skills needed to “exercise self-control”


This class will break down the different components of self-control. You will learn how to help your dog learn physical, mental and emotional control. You will learn how to set up for success, how and when to increase the challenge, and when to protect your dog from making a bad decision that will sabotage your training.


Class Concepts

  • Role of Exercise and Mental Stimulation on Behaviour

  • Understanding Arousal Levels

  • Management vs Training

  • Reinforcement Matters

  • Incompatible Behaviours

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