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Management Strategies for Leash Reactive Dogs

Changing behaviour always involves these two strategies, training and management. You can’t change behaviour without training-teaching new skills, but until those skills are taught and proficient you need to prevent the unwanted behaviour from happening, that’s management.


This online class will give you the knowledge and skills to be able to prevent those unwanted behaviours from happening. This class isn’t a tutorial on teaching your dog how to walk on leash*, instead this class will teach you how to use management strategies to prevent those reactions that make your walks frustrating, embarrassing, and annoying.


When you are teaching your dog a new skill, your ideal learning environment is one that is controlled. Control allows you to set up training scenarios that you know your dog can handle successfully, this builds confidence and predictable patterns of behaviour.  You would never intentionally ask your dog to do more than his skill set allows, but “real life” has a way of sabotaging your good intentions- there just is no way to have that kind of environmental control when you are walking your dog.


That’s where management plays a huge role in your training plan. You don’t need to stand by and watch as “real life” throws more at your dog than he can handle . With this class you will learn how to avoid that frustrating and potential dangerous leash behaviour, in a way that doesn’t set back your training and allows you and your dog to enjoy your walks.

* If you are looking for leash walking skills, check out the Walking Skills class

This class is a combination of lectures and practical skill development

Class Lectures

  • Starting Off Right - Setting Yourself up for Success

  • Reinforcement - What, When, How

  • How Dogs Learn - Predictable Patterns of Behaviour

  • Management - What, When, How

  • Setting Your Dog up for Success - Arousal levels

  • Its All Connected - The Rest of Your Day

  • Training Regression - How to Work Through Set-Backs

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