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Staying, or the inability to stay, is one of the regular complaints I hear from clients. This can be a valuable behaviour in regular day to day interactions. A solid stay can eliminate many nuisance behaviours from our dogs. If they are “staying” they aren’t jumping up on guests, they aren’t dashing out the door, or jumping from the car as soon as we open the door. They can’t chase the cat, or the kids if they are “staying”.  It should be simple, right? Just hold still! How hard could that be?


Hard. And complicated. Expecting your dog to hold a position regardless of what is going on around them is a complex, interwoven group of behaviours, not a simple one. This class will break down all the different components of teaching a solid stay behaviour.

This class is a combination of lectures and practical skill development.

Course Lectures

  • Using a Marker System for Clarity and Consistency

  • What is Reinforcement and How to Use it Effectively

  • The 3 D’s - Duration, Distance, Distractions

  • Using Stations to Help Build Understanding

  • Challenge Progressions - When and How to Increase the Difficulty

  • The Value of Collecting Data and How to Use it to Improve Results

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