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 Online Live Classes

Although this project was motivated by the pandemic, Online Live Classes will become a permanent addition to the services I offer, as the feedback from my beta testers has been overwhelming positive.
Listen to what others have to say about the online live concept…

“My 9 month old pup Aspen and I participated in Coral’s virtual leash skills class. I was pleasantly surprised at how well a training class via Zoom worked - Coral is an excellent communicator and made each session very valuable. It was helpful to see Coral demonstrate the skills with her dogs and to hear the feedback she gave to others in the group. The virtual class format was advantageous for my puppy as she wasn’t distracted by other dogs and we were able to focus on practicing the skills in our own home. The links to videos and written materials Coral provided after each session were also very helpful to go back to during the week between sessions. I would highly recommend Coral’s virtual training sessions and would gladly sign up for another!”

- Amy

“Having participated in various in-person dog training group classes over the years, I found online live classes to be very comparable. In some ways I prefer the live online classes to in-person group training because it is very convenient in terms of no travel required, no distraction from other dogs and I can watch Coral demonstrate some of the skills using her own dogs. I liked the small classes and learned from the other handlers and their dogs when they demonstrated the particular skill we were working on. Training in the comfort of your home makes it easier if weather is not conducive to driving and you can save about an hour of time in getting to, and settling in prior to the class starting, and then driving home from class. I also had the ability to read material and watch videos that Coral provided to refresh my knowledge in how to do a particular sequence or step in working with my dog. I would highly recommend an online live class with Coral for training your dog.”  

- Louise

I took part in Leash Skills Zoom class with my Lab puppy recently and really enjoyed this format. Some of the benefits of the online learning for me was taking less time out to travel to a class environment and it was easier to focus my dogs attention when at home (unless of course the cat runs by).  Coral is very knowledgeable,  I found it helpful to have her do demonstrations with her dogs so we could see exactly what to do.  It was fun going over our skills and great having her there to watch and offer advise.

She provided information we could access after class to go over what we had learned which is nice to have for reference.  Coral is a great trainer in person and is just as engaging and informative in an online format! 

- Amanda

The Benefits Of Online Live Classes

  • An ideal learning environment for your dog

  • No travel time for classes

  • Live interaction with instructor and fellow students

  • Abundant resources to compliment the weekly lessons

  • Personalized feedback with video submission and review


Online live classes are a combination of lectures and practical skill development

What you Need

  • Computer, phone or other device 

  • Access to Zoom (no account needed)

Contact me for class registration

What you Get

  • 6 or 8 weeks of instruction

  • Access to session recordings

  • Weekly homework assignments

  • Written & video resources

  • Weekly video submission and feedback

  • One year access to all resources

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